ECHOGLASS originate from Blackburn, Lancashire.

Formed in 2016, the band create eclectic music influenced by a vast range of genres. With their heritage deep in the great North West of England music scene, they are inspired by the artists, poets and legends of the region.

ECHOGLASS are composed of DA McKenna and Fritz.  They are currently independent and release their music on Blue Blue Ball. 

The debut single, Last to Know was released in 2017 and draws upon their period roaming the great American wilderness. With strong hints of country music wrapped up in an indie package, the track tells a tale of love and loss.The bands second single, Blackburn Boulevard was released in early 2018. The track harks back with nostalgia to a time of innocence, bravado, Volkswagen Sciroccos, curried eggs and vol au vents. 
Their four track EP entitled Stories From The North which sold over 200,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Their upcoming release is entitled Heart, and will be available on October 2 2020. 

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The common denominator of Echoglass music is not a sound or a style, a genre or a specific sonic fingerprint. It is more in the feeling and the narration, in the emotive scenes and scenarios that they paint, in stories played out as small, kitchen sink dramas. Very British, very small town, very relatable.” - Dave Franklin